E-Cookbook Grape Pomace Flour (Solo in inglese)


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Casa Emma Winery, which has always stood out for its attention to innovation, experimentation, sustainability and recycling processes, has created a new gastronomic excellence: Grape Pomace Flour, a delicious food ingredient, with important nutritional properties, such us fibers and anti-oxidant agents.

This E-Coookbook has been created to help your imagination and to support you in the creation of unique recipes based on Casa Emma Grape Pomace Flour.

Grape Pomace flour is a delicious flour obtained through a process of drying and grinding the grape skins at a low temperature, to preserve and keep intact all the nutrients. It is a very high quality flour, rich in nutritional properties, which combined with other ingredients or foods, ennobles recipes and culinary preparations. It can be used together with conventional flours to make original and unique recipes like: pasta, pizza, biscuits, pastries, pancakes, muffin, cupcakes, tiramisù, bread, yogurt, cheescake, gnocchi, meat and sauces. 


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